Meteorites for sale

Fine and authentic Meteorites for sale / Impactites for sale from the meteorite hunters, for collectors and science.


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Please note that some meteorites shown are already sold and prices are outdated (updating the shop-software would break stuff).


Muonionalusta Meteorites

Muonionalusta Meteorites for sale – beautiful Iron meteorites (Octahedrites) from Sweden.

Monturaqui Meteorites

Monturaqui Meteorites for sale – rare Iron meteorite shale from the Monturaqui crater, Chile.

Stony Meteorites

Stony Meteorites for sale – beautiful complete specimens and slices (coming soon), Atacama, Chile.


Vaca Muerta Meteorites

Vaca Muerta Meteorites for sale – rare Mesosiderites from Chile.

Imilac Meteorites

Imilac Meteorites for sale – rare Pallasites from Chile.



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