Why buy from us?

  • Authenticity guaranteed – we are meteorite hunters and sell only the meteorites we found ourselves.

  • High quality specimens – we prepare all meteorites to our own high quality standard. As meteorite collectors for many years we are experienced in what is important for preserving meteorites. We prepared many meteorites, among others Sikhote Alin, Campo del Cielo, Gibeon, Morasko and various American meteorites.

  • We possess all necessary permits from governments and from the landowners – all meteorites acquired through us are 100% legal to own.

  • Detail – rich etch – iron meteorites can be etched in many different ways, some produce lighter etches and some produce darker etches. Generally the darker an etch the less details are visible. Some etchants produce fast results within few minutes, but may burn the surface of a meteorite and cause a somewhat blurry appearance. We have etched many meteorites over the years, in our opinion a lighter but detail- rich etch is preferable over a darker one. Additionally we use a very slow etching technique which brings out much more contrast between the different shades of gray present in a Widmannstätten- pattern, however, instead of a couple of minutes this process lasts up to 1 hour. For us well worth the effort.

  • Meteorites protected against oxidation – It´s no secret that iron meteorites tend to rust on earth. However, we can do something about that to reduce the susceptibility of rusting. Chlorine, the main cause for rusting, is avoided throughout the whole process of preparing a meteorite.

    We cut our meteorites without using tap water, we use a chlorine free etchant because other etchants may cause unstable meteorites, we dehydrate our meteorite carefully over a long period of time and we protect them carefully against rusting with waterfree protective oil. Cut and etched surfaces are only touched with gloves. We can´t guarantee that our meteorites won´t rust, but they are certainly less prone to oxidation.

  • 30 days money back guarantee.

  • No handling fees

  • All meteorites come with an ID – card and a guarantee of authenticity.
  • No, we’re no IMCA members – we’re proud to offer you authentic meteorites all found by ourselves.